Comments from Seminar Attendees

"If I had followed Arnold’s instructions, I would not have been embezzled last year. We got hit for $40,000 and we only discovered it by accident."

"Every time we have a staff meeting, I take something out of my 90-Minute MBA Workbook and share it with my employees. I can’t believe how much I learned."

"It took me 30 years to learn what was presented in 90 minutes. I want my employees to see it too."

"I’ve been in business for 42 years. I know where I’m going to make some changes."

"It was fantastic."

"If I had only heard this at the start of the year, I wasted a fortune on advertising when I should have been doing something else."

"I’m glad I took notes. I’ll have to study this. I could not soak it all up in 90 minutes. I want to see it again and again."

"This is what I should have know when I got my MBA. Why don’t they teach this at business school?"

"The stories he told made it very entertaining and easy to understand. Too bad Arnold didn’t teach at my university."

"I actually heard about it from one of my employees who heard about it from someone else on an airplane."

"I want to hear it again. I want my managers to hear it."

"I want my grown children to hear it. They both want to go into business and I want them to be better prepared than I was."

"I used to have problems sleeping at night, fearing the unknown. After I did a SWOT analysis, I understood so much, I figured out where I was and where I was going. I sleep a lot better now."

"I refer to the Seminar Workbook all of the time. It still triggers new ideas."

"I got so many good ideas from the seminar, my boss thinks I’m some kind of business genius."

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