Management is Essential

by Arnold Grundvig

I once met a man that claimed to have invented the personal computer. No, he wasn’t Al Gore. He was, in fact, a creative genius. To prove his claim, he took me to a warehouse and to a shelf filled with what looked like a lot of junk. There in the mess was a small computer. He turned it around. It said Model 00000001 Serial No. 00000001. Then, he handed me a copy of Byte Magazine and showed me an article on the history of the personal computer. Sure enough, there was a picture of the dust-covered computer sitting on the shelf in front of me. He was what he said he was.

My friend should have been wealthy. Instead, he was living on welfare. What was the problem? He was a creative genius, but not a manager. Had he teamed up with a manager, they would have both been rich. My friend died without an estate. He left nothing but a reputation.

Managers aren’t necessary evils in a business. They are essential to the success of every venture. Entrepreneurs that ignore their management duties often end up broke.

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